Annet, Victoria, Cheryl

Annet Peairs, Victoria DiPietro, and Cheryl Bert (rear).

St Pats Team

Cheryl Bert, Leslie Andersen, Lori Meltzer, and Walter Roland Moore on location at L.A. Live.


About Roland Communications


Roland Communications was founded by Walter Roland Moore and Annet Peairs with specialization in entertainment public relations in Los Angeles and New York. 

Since 1995, the company operated exclusively in Los Angeles and expanded into a full-service marketing and event production company.

The company’s current team includes a network of outside staff and consultants with cultivated relationships with Roland Communications that span ten years or more. 

Experienced staff for event productions ranges from 5 to 150, in addition to the coordination of supervision of hundreds of volunteers.


Creative, hands-on services executed from Traditional and Alternative Perspectives… An aggressive team marked by Conviction:  The foundation of Inspired and Passionate Performance… A belief in Integrated Marketing Communications to ensure Cohesive, Complementary, and Consistent campaigns… An emphasis on Client Originality and Innovation and distinction from the competition… A commitment to uncover the Concepts, Hooks, and Angles that increase Response Potential… or create them through Concept Development or Brand Reinvention… A strategy to utilize all existing outlets to achieve the ultimate end result: BUZZ… the placement of a brand in the Ether and the Consciousness of the Masses.

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